Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today in Sports.

Rangers: Game Recap

"Left fielder David Murphy was nearly struck twice by ice and snow that was thrown from the stands above the Rangers' bullpen in the fifth inning. He said the first pack of ice missed him by only a foot, and the second landed three or four feet behind him.Closer C.J. Wilson was told by a security guard that the offending fans ran from the area without being caught."

They're scared. Murphy will torment them for years to come hopefully.
Meanwhile, JD is still looking for a taker for Cruz and Tejeda:

"General manager Jon Daniels confirmed that right-hander Robinson Tejeda and outfielder Nelson Cruz continue to be shopped for a possible trade."
Good luck with that. I can see someone biting on Tejeda, but Cruz won't net anything.

Mavericks win! And today we get news that Dirk might be a go Wed vs Golden State . I love the big German, but we've seen how this team has played with and without him. Let him fully heal and if he can't make it and they miss the playoffs, they weren't going anywhere this year anyway.....

Nothing Stars or Cowboys related today. Stars next game is Thursday vs the Coyotes. And the only news that might be Cowboy related is the Raiders saying they won’t take D-Mac with the 4th pick.

"[McFadden] is a phenomenal player .... But we really don't have a big need at running back," Kiffin said.

Viewing: Rangers vs Mariners 9:10 locally on FSNSW.
Padilla vs Felix.

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