Monday, March 31, 2008

Rangers lose opener.

Hey, it could've been worse right? I was very excited to see them start taking pitches. They got Bedard out quick. Making him throw 106 pitches through 5 innings. Which could be a sign of great things to come if they stay the course. Everyone has to be encouraged by Millwood going 6 innings giving up 2 unearned run attributed to Young's error. Murphy really looks like he had something. And with Gagne choking again, this time with the Brew Crew. It makes the Gagne to the Sox trade look that much more one sided. Broussard spared everyone to death as did Byrd. The newest Asian sensation, Kaz Fukmori failed miserably.

Padilla vs Felix tomorrow...

Today in Sports.

We lead off today with the story of the Texas Rangers. We need the Rangers to offer some kind of hope to this city. Wouldn't it be something? Every sports team fails but the little Rangers capture lighting in a bottle and make a run ala Rockies of 07? This is the best time of year, everyone is optimistic unless you're Grandpa Urine. Well it kicks off at 5:40 today and can be seen at FSNSW locally. After the kick in the nuts we've had the past sports year, I actually could use some baseball.
Prediction: Tex 8 Sea 5. Blalock and Hamilton with 2rbis a piece.

The Mavs offered another pitiful and gutless effort last night. And today we get rumors that Avery is on the Knicks short list if he gets fired. Dampier playing 12 minutes with no foul trouble in favor of Juwan Howard should be a firable offense imo. Does Howard have the emptiest consecutive 30 pt games in history? Most of the time he's out there he thinks he's Jordan. He needs to penetrate to make this team better. Or maybe this team flat out sucks.

The Cowboys have Pacman rumors abound. Yesterday a rumor surfaced per that Pacman was a Cowboy for a 5th round pick and a press conference was set for today. Today we learn that the talks have stalled.The Titans apparantly want a 4th this year and an another pick next year. Pacman is a risk and Jerry is smart for not budging when the Cowboys are the only realistic contender for Pacman. A 5th round pick is well worth the gamble, other than that, not interested.

Stars lose to the Ducks yesterday, however there was a lot of things to like. They forced the Ducks into overtime and in a shocker, lost in a shootout! Usually if the Stars force a SO they win, not the case this time. At least they clinched a playoff birth. The Ducks are the likely first round opponent and I can't wait. It should be a hell of a matchup.

And I give you this. A child genius gets into Oxford at 13 and becomes a prostitute.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today in Sports.

Your Texas Rangers start their season tomorrow. They face the Seattle Mariners and their recently acquired ace Erik Bedard. I don't think anyone will forget this Gem of a start by Bedard last year. He owns the Rangers. The Rangers do have hope this year. The controversial acquisition of Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez is a big topic surrounding this club. As is the catching situation with Gerald "five tool" Laird getting the nod over the "prize" of the Teixeira trade, Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The Rangers have decided to send him to AAA to start the year. Which rubbed a few people the wrong way. They point out that JD has traded Chris Young, Soriano, Carlos Lee, Teixeira and has no one to show for them on the major league club. Which is flawed in so many ways. The Rangers have a plethora of talent in the minors and have a top five farm in the league. They'll be OK. Salt will be up by the all-star break and bring order to the world. Unless you were going to have Salt at 1st it's pointless to have him split time with Laird. Hopefully Laird mashes to start they year, JD flips him at the deadline and everyone gets to see more Salt. The recent acquisition of Dustin Nippert is interesting. Nippert is a good gamble. Really no risk at all unless you're a fan of Robinson Tejeda, who I think will clear waivers. JD says that Nippert will be in the bullpen. Which if fine. However, I'll be upset if he doesn't get one last shot at starting. By all accounts he is a top tier starter in the majors, if he harnesses everything and gets his change up working. Instead of rushing Hurley or letting Jamie Wright get a spot start I would like Nippert to get a shot. The Rangers might have something there.

For my prediction: I think they'll go 83-79 and finish 2nd behind the Mariners while the Angels and A's round off the pack.

The Maverick have failed miserably since the Jason Kidd trade. Going 0-9 versus teams with winning records. Pitiful. I was on the fence from the beginning, just because I'm a fan of Harris, but never in my worst dreams did I think they'll be on the brink of missing the playoffs. With the Nuggets moving into the eight spot last night with their defeat of the Warriors it makes tonights game against the Warriors that much more important. This is as close as a must win as it gets. Sadly however even the greatest homer in me won't allow me to believe the Mavs will have the intestinal fortitude to persevere in raucous Oracle Arena tonight. Prove me wrong.

The Stars get a much needed win last night against the Kings. Which makes the game tonight against the hated Anaheim Ducks a must watch. The Richards and Kidd trades didn't go as well as everyone hoped. But I have more faith in the Stars being able to get it together than I do the Mavs.

No Cowboys today. Go Davidson!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's a tough thing....

This is not a good time to be a Dfw sports fan. The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since 1996, the Mavericks were just 6 minutes away from a title and now are fighting for their playoff lives, the Stars have had multiple 1st round flops, the Rangers have never won a single playoff series. Yeah, it's a tough thing. But I'm here to change that. We need some different Karma in this city. We don't need Laura Miller letting the Cowboys build a stadium in Arlington or single handedly ending the Mavs title hopes by announcing parade plans. OK, maybe Laura Miller isn't all to blame. We'll see this year. I'll keep this blog as painless as possible for all readers. I will try my best to make it worth your while and offer my take on all things sports. Not necessarily specific to the metroplex. Hopefully you enjoy this blog as much as I will blogging on it. .