Monday, March 31, 2008

Today in Sports.

We lead off today with the story of the Texas Rangers. We need the Rangers to offer some kind of hope to this city. Wouldn't it be something? Every sports team fails but the little Rangers capture lighting in a bottle and make a run ala Rockies of 07? This is the best time of year, everyone is optimistic unless you're Grandpa Urine. Well it kicks off at 5:40 today and can be seen at FSNSW locally. After the kick in the nuts we've had the past sports year, I actually could use some baseball.
Prediction: Tex 8 Sea 5. Blalock and Hamilton with 2rbis a piece.

The Mavs offered another pitiful and gutless effort last night. And today we get rumors that Avery is on the Knicks short list if he gets fired. Dampier playing 12 minutes with no foul trouble in favor of Juwan Howard should be a firable offense imo. Does Howard have the emptiest consecutive 30 pt games in history? Most of the time he's out there he thinks he's Jordan. He needs to penetrate to make this team better. Or maybe this team flat out sucks.

The Cowboys have Pacman rumors abound. Yesterday a rumor surfaced per that Pacman was a Cowboy for a 5th round pick and a press conference was set for today. Today we learn that the talks have stalled.The Titans apparantly want a 4th this year and an another pick next year. Pacman is a risk and Jerry is smart for not budging when the Cowboys are the only realistic contender for Pacman. A 5th round pick is well worth the gamble, other than that, not interested.

Stars lose to the Ducks yesterday, however there was a lot of things to like. They forced the Ducks into overtime and in a shocker, lost in a shootout! Usually if the Stars force a SO they win, not the case this time. At least they clinched a playoff birth. The Ducks are the likely first round opponent and I can't wait. It should be a hell of a matchup.

And I give you this. A child genius gets into Oxford at 13 and becomes a prostitute.

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