Monday, March 31, 2008

Rangers lose opener.

Hey, it could've been worse right? I was very excited to see them start taking pitches. They got Bedard out quick. Making him throw 106 pitches through 5 innings. Which could be a sign of great things to come if they stay the course. Everyone has to be encouraged by Millwood going 6 innings giving up 2 unearned run attributed to Young's error. Murphy really looks like he had something. And with Gagne choking again, this time with the Brew Crew. It makes the Gagne to the Sox trade look that much more one sided. Broussard spared everyone to death as did Byrd. The newest Asian sensation, Kaz Fukmori failed miserably.

Padilla vs Felix tomorrow...

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Jon said...

Millwood was indeed great today, even better than I could have hoped, really.

The plate discipline of our guys also impressed me, but the bottom of the order, namely Byrd, couldn't come up with the big hits against Bedard, and Fukumori mailed the game in with his horrible debut in the bottom of the 7th.

I was pretty dissapointed, because I was pumped about opening day, and because it was a game I thought we could have won, if we could have just gotten some better defense, and some production out of the bottom of the order - but I am happy to have the baseball season started again.

Tomorrow looks like another tough game, I hope Padilla keeps his head glued on...