Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rangers win.

Holy crap. That was an up and down game. The Rangers did everything they could possibly do to gift wrap this win to the M's, but found a way to win. Before we get to the good let's visit the bad shall we.... We'll just go ahead and give the defense a big F. Michael Young. I don't know what his problem is at SS but you can't make that error in that situation. You take the lead, and the very next inning he makes a costly error. He doesn't get paid to do that. Benoit threw a wild pitch that Laird couldn't get to. I think that was on Benoit by the way. Kinsler had a costly bobble as well. Hamilton, we'll get to him in a little bit, but he misread a couple of routine flyballs. It didn't cost them this time but, what the hell is Vasquez doing in there for Blalock? Terrible move by Wash. On to the positive. Hamilton. While he did misread the aforementioned flyballs, he sure made up for it. He made two very difficult catches that kept hope alive. And oh yeah, he had the game winning HR in the ninth. I think he has something. Padilla was solid today. Velocity was outstanding. His pace can drive you crazy though, whatever works right? CJ Wilson did what he had to do. Came in, got three outs and preserved the W.

3 way tie for first, we still have a shot.

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