Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why God?

As I'm typing this the Rangers are choking the hell out of a 11-o lead. And... Game over. Deep fly out by Garrett Anderson. Good outing by Gabbard, BB might actually have something and Nippert might not. Really would get into the Rangers some more but I'm pissed about something else.

Mavericks. What the hell. For the eleventh time the Mavs have a top tier team in the West beat and choke in the 4th. Message for Josh Howard: Get your damn head in the game. That technical foul changed the game. The Mavs still had a lead and Josh blew his cool and emphatically slammed his headband to the ground, so blatant and inexcusable. You can not give away points. Period. We've seen this from this team time and time again. The going gets tough and they lose their cool. Whose responsibility is that? The coach. Avery has been an offender himself, getting detrimental technicals in key points in games. What's funny is for once I didn't think Avery did anything wrong for most of the game. Until the final minute came and Avery has to draw up a play to get the game within one or two. What does Avery come up with? Two isolations plays to Dirk. Now, Dirk was superman as usual throughout the game, but with one leg it's kind of hard to create on your own. It comes down to this they CAN NOT EXECUTE in crunch time. Again, coaching is solely to blame. As much as I love the Mavs, I am officially done with them. I was done with them earlier and then they teased us with the Warrior game. It's insufferable watching them get your hopes and then leave you hanging until the final seconds only to put a dagger in your chest. Unbelievable.

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